Help Ukrainians Get Paid

Ukraine Tech Collective is a not for profit platform designed to facilitate skill swaps so Ukrainians who are currently protecting their country still get paid & can support their families.

What is the Ukraine Tech Collective?

The Ukraine Tech Collective (UTC) matches international software developers with job vacancies left by Ukrainian software engineers called on to defend their country from Russian invasion. Software developers and tech companies from around the globe donate their skills and resources to provide work cover for their Ukrainian peers as to provide financial stability to their families.  

Why does it matter?

Ukraine is home to 250,000 software developers whose families depend on their income. Many of these developers are currently unable to work and earn income while their country is at war. This situation puts them and their families at a risk of being left without critical financial resources during this dangerous time. 

How it works

UTC identifies critical business needs of companies whose employees are involved in the war effort in Ukraine and matches them with volunteers (individuals and businesses) who provide temporary coverage for their peers in Ukraine.  

How to get involved

I have a Ukrainian team to support

Share the technical needs your company urgently needs covered whilst your technical employees defend their country.

I need support
I'm a company that wants to help

Share the resources and skills that your company can provide to provide cover for Ukrainian developers defending their country - on a part time / project or ad hoc basis!

we can help
I'm an individual that wants to help

Volunteer your skills and experience that you can provide to help support Ukrainian developers in this time of need!

i can help
I Filled out the form, what happens next?

The Ukraine Tech Collective team will match volunteers with companies in need of technical cover for their Ukrainian employees and put those parties in contact. 

Our honorary code

By requesting help from volunteers, managers and owners of companies make a pledge to continue to pay and support their Ukrainian developers. 


Ukraine Tech Collective is an effort led by a group of volunteers who want to help people of Ukraine get through the horrific war. We are not a business and we do not seek any financial or other gains from matching employers of Ukrainian developers and volunteers. As such we cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from engagements between parties matched through this initiative. View in full here.

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