We're fighting for Ukrainian developers, while they defend their country

While Ukraine is home to over 250,000 software developers, we were shocked that some large companies decided to stop paying their #Ukrainian developers while they FIGHT FOR THEIR COUNTRY and KEEP THEIR FAMILIES SAFE.

My name's Emma & I run an early stage startup. We are committed to paying our engineering team in Ukraine while they have to defend their country (this picture is from one of my team).

As an early stage start up, I realised that to do this sustainably I'd need to find cover for the business critical work we need to do, whilst my developers defend their country.  I know I'm not the only business trying to balance the needs of their team, with the demands of their p&l.

Knowing how passionate Maciej was about helping anyone caught in this crisis (he'd already offered his family home & transport to our team), I reached out and asked for his help to bring Ukraine Tech Collective to light. Soon, Khrystyna, joined us - our first Ukrainian team member, who also happens to be an epic product manager. More about us on the team page.

48 hours & lots of coffee later(!) we have recruited a volunteering team of 20+, have reached over 25,000 people on LinkedIn & have a first website version live (THIS!).

We're proud to have the support of Google for Startups, as well as tech execs at Hellofresh, Groupon, Delivery Hero. We are always looking for more passionate people to join our mission - email us contact@ukrainetechcollective.com